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First Steps Resources

General Resources

Winter 2019 KEDS Welcome Email

Welcome email containing announcements and important reminders sent to all current preschool coordinators at the beginning of each data season. 

Fall 2018 KEDS Webinar

Recorded webinar containing announcements and important reminders for the fall data season. 

Data Collection Procedures

Student State ID (SSID) Guide

Illustrated guide to assist districts in identifying the correct field to enter Student State ID#s in publisher online systems.

Approved Assessments

List of assessments currently approved for KEDS preschool data collection.

Most Common KEDS Preschool Data Entry Mistakes

Document listing the five most common data entry mistakes. 

Tasks to be Completed Each Data Season

One-page document highlighting the tasks to be completed by districts each data season.

Additional Resources

OSEP Outcomes 

Overview of the three OSEP Child Outcomes.

The Kentucky Early Childhood Standards

The the Kentucky Early Childhood Standards, provides a framework to assist families, early care and education professionals, administrators, and others in understanding what children are able to know and do from birth through four years of age.

The Kentucky Early Childhood Standards (Summary)

Overview of The Kentucky Early Childhood Standards.

The Kentucky Early Childhood Continuous Assessment Guide

The Kentucky Early Childhood Continuous Assessment Guide was developed by a diverse group of early childhood educators across the state to provide guidance to early childhood programs as they develop or revise their assessment system to measure child progress and improvement related to Kentucky’s Early Childhood Standards. This document is designed as a companion piece to the Kentucky Early Childhood Standards.

Recommended Measures in Early Childhood Screening

Best practice for the appropriate use of KY-approved screening instruments is described in this document, including a definition, resources, methods, guidance for administration, and distinctions between screening and assessment of young children.