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Tips for successful KEDS data entry.

First Steps Tips for KEDS Data Entry


This 1.5-hour course is for First Steps providers only. Participants will learn about the role of KY’s Early Childhood Standards for children aged birth to three years, in relation to your assessments, measurement of child progress, and federal funding for First Steps.

Importance of KY’s Early Childhood Standards and First Steps Assessment Data


Provides best practice guidance to teachers, providers, and administrators in assessing young children in Kentucky.

KEDS Guidance for Reliability Strategies


Information specifically for POE managers.

KEDS POE User Guide


Overview of the three OSEP Child Outcomes.

OSEP Outcomes


Best practice for the appropriate use of KY-approved screening instruments.

Recommended Measures in Early Childhood Screening


Based on the Continuous Assessment Guide, useful information for administrators, coordinators and teachers on selecting an appropriate tool.

Selecting the Most Appropriate Assessment Tool


Guidance to early childhood programs on using assessment systems to measure child progress and improvement related to Kentucky’s Early Childhood Standards.

The Kentucky Early Childhood Continuous Assessment Guide


Framework to assist families, early care and education professionals, administrators, and others in understanding what children are able to know and do from birth through four years of age.

The Kentucky Early Childhood Standards


Overview of The Kentucky Early Childhood Standards.

The Kentucky Early Childhood Standards (Summary)

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