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KEIS Data Collection Timelines

All assessments (PLE and 5AA) entered in KEDS are required to

  • have ALL assessment items answered before the assessment point can be finalized, and

  • be entered in entirety into KEDS with 10 days of referral by providers.


All annual and exit assessments must be entered in entirety in KEDS before payment will be issued by the KEIS.

Child records are received from TOTS and KEDS updated twice weekly, generally on Monday and Thursday mornings. Thus, it can take time for newly enrolled children to appear in KEDS.  The date KEDS last received data from TOTS is posted on  the main webpage after you login to KEDS.

KEDS downloads assessment data on a quarterly basis for cleaning and analysis. Once an assessment has been downloaded it will be locked out, and can no longer be viewed or changed.

All assessments for the fiscal year MUST be entered by August 15 to be included in the federal State Performance Plan OSEP report. Any assessments entered after this date will be included in later analysis but will not be included in SPP/OSEP reporting.

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