Preschool Data Collection Tasks

Tasks to be Completed 
Each Data Collection Season


Meet the

KEDS opens for data entry three times a year:

fall, winter and spring. It is recommended to have all student data entered in Infinite Campus  prior to the start of the data season. All assessment and demographic data must be submitted prior to the closing of each data season.  


Ensure KEDS has Administrative Access

If using a publisher's online assessment system,

it is the district’s responsibility to make sure KEDS

has administrative access to download any data.

Use as the email for establishing account access for KEDS. 


Note Required Students

Assessment and demographic data are required to be submitted for all students with an IEP as well as at risk students receiving state-funded preschool services. This includes students receiving special education only services, such as speech.


Update and Save Demographic Data

Ensure student demographic records are complete, making any necessary updates before saving records in KEDS. It is recommended to have all student records up to date in Infinite Campus prior to the opening of KEDS as it can take a week for updates made in Infinite Campus to appear in KEDS. 


Watch for Announcements

Look for the KEDS Updates & Reminders email in

your inbox and watch the Updates & Reminders presentation at the beginning of each data collection season. 


Manage Teacher Accounts

Coordinators create new accounts and assign children to teachers in KEDS. Teacher accounts must be enabled each fall.


Review Data Profile Reports

Review the Data Profile Report from the previous data season to avoid data entry errors in the current data season. Make sure anyone entering assessment data in publisher online assessment systems knows where to enter the 10-digit State Student Identifiers (SSIDs).

enter data.png

Enter Assessment

Ensure all assessment data are entered into the KEDS Data Portal or a publisher's online assessment system. The 10-digit State Student Identifier (SSID) must be entered into publisher online assessment systems. Assessment data are not complete unless every assessment item has a score and the record include the student's SSID number.