Preschool Data Requirements


Demographic and assessment data are required to be submitted to KEDS for all students:

  • 3 and 4 years of age with an active IEP, regardless of setting where services are received; and/or

  • enrolled in state funded preschool who are at risk, meaning their household income is up to 160% of federal poverty level


Districts may opt to submit data for non-required students including:

  • ​Head Start students without an IEP

  • Tuition paying preschoolers

  • Students funded through Title I

  • Children receiving KSI/RTI services


Student data are imported into KEDS Online from Infinite Campus (IC) on a weekly basis. Districts are responsible for completing the following tasks each data collection season:

  • ensuring student records in KEDS Online are accurate,

  • making any necessary changes,

  • and marking records as verified.


It is recommended to have all student information entered in IC prior to the opening of KEDS Online as it can take up to a week for updates made in IC to appear in KEDS Online.


Assessment data from approved assessments are either entered into KEDS Online or a publisher's online system. Districts are to ensure that:

  • every item has a score, and

  • all assessment records entered in publisher's online systems include a 10-digit state issued identifier (SSID) for every student.

It is the district's responsibility to ensure KEDS has access to the district data and all programs serving state-funded preschoolers in their district follow the KEDS guidelines for data submission.