State Funded Preschool

Kindergarten Guide

Required Student Data

Which students need to be assessed? What data needs to be collected and submitted to KEDS?

Open Notebook

List of Data Collection Tasks

What tasks need to be completed each data collection season?

Working with Laptop

Data Entry System

Login to your secure KEDS account to access data, reports and more. 

Holding Books

Additional Resources

Browse our collection of helpful resources.

Online Course

Overview of New KEDS System

Live webinars providing an overview of the new KEDS 2.0 online data portal. 


Timelines for each Data Season

When should assessments be completed? When should data be submitted?


Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Finger on the Map

Instructions for Data Entry

Your guide to using the KEDS Online Data Portal for account management and data entry.

Key to Success

Establish a Coordinator Account

Complete the KEDS Coordinator Account form to request an account.